Monday, 15 August 2016

Get Out Of That Funk; Destroy The Source

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The other day I seasoned chicken and forgot to put it in the fridge... it is summer here so it doesn't take too long for perishable food to turn bad. Luckily I discovered on time and I quickly boiled and grilled it.
But I noticed there were flies all over the place and I just couldn't fathom why or what caused it seeing that I've already cooked the chicken.
I suddenly looked in the corner of the table top and found the bowl I used to season the chicken...that was the culprit. Still don't know how I missed it but right after washing this off, the flies probably got bored and left (party is over flies!)
Then it occurred to me that this is how life plays out, we fire-fight sometimes trying to solve little problems or even big problems that keeps popping up like boils in unwanted regions.
If we deal with the root cause of this issue(s)... the source of this problem(s)... then just maybe we will be able to win the war and not just a battle.
It is time to enquire and discover the source of that problem, don't go about in circle round a mountain that ought to really be destroyed to pave the way for your new beginning.
It could be anything at all that consistently or constantly rears its ugly head when it is not wanted. Bad habits, depression name it. 
There's always a trigger for flies to invade so my lovelies attack the source of that fly, destroy it and see beautiful changes in your life.



Wednesday, 10 August 2016

When Motivation Dies...What To Do When You're Losing Your Motivation.

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Before I tell you about the quote that inspired this post, I just want to share that I've been around this loss of motivation mountain many times over and I heard this quote and it resonated with me in ways even I myself couldn't imagine.
Now here's the thing, it isn't enough to be talented, it is important to actually develop your skill (whatever that is) and this is done mostly via, practice, training and discipline.
When motivation dies...Let discipline take over...yes that was quote I read and it is so apt I could write a whole book on that(but I won't..yet).
Sometimes it feels like there's no reason to complete that project, that task you've set for yourself but you need to be disciplined enough to complete it.
Discipline is not a switch to put on or off although with time, it may become so.
Discipline builds up as a result of deliberate and consistent actions taken over a course of time.
Don't let anybody fool you, working smart is good but working hard is important. People hardly tell you how hard they worked to achieve their goals, some gloss over it, some make it sound like it's a picnic. It may be and it may not be but you need to be determined in your heart that regardless of how hard or easy it is, you will remain consistent and focused.
And so on days like this when I'm not exactly motivated to do what I really ought to be doing...I let discipline take over and guess works!!!
Doesn't matter if I'm moving via motivation or discipline what matters is I'm moving and the task has been accomplished.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fela Durotoye Prays For Nigeria - Join in

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I'm calling all lovers of Nigeria to please join this amazing initiative that is catching on like wild fire.
It is a prayer chain for Nigeria.

I was busy minding my business and job hunting as I'm currently between jobs(that's another blogpost, will keep you updated on that) when I got a notification from Periscope that Fela Durotoye has logged on. 
I wasn't even following him on Periscope at that point in time, but I was too curious to ignore the notification (I wonder why I got the notification). Anyways my curiosity got the better part of me and I decided to join the 'scope. 
In the 'scope, he said that God told him to pray for Nigeria for 49days ie 7weeks at every watch hour... watch-hour: apparently it is believed that watch hours are times the heavens open to earth ie 12midnight,3a.m, 6a.m.9a.m,12noon,3p.m and 9p.m by the way I'm not hear to debate or argue with you about the truth in that or not. All I know is, I believe in this particular initiative and I believe doors will open to make Nigeria better.
It is also beneficial to participants but this post is not about me so I will elaborate in my next post. It takes only 3minutes of your time and the prayers are just the second stanza of the national anthem and the pledge plus a prayer he calls the Gemstone Creed(I maybe wrong) but the prayer makes sense.
If you want to be part of this initiative, follow Fela Durotoye on Periscope see you @ 6pm tonight!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Way We Are... Tiwa Savage & Tee Billz meltdown

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Sometimes I read people's comments on events and issues and I sincerely want to pluck out their eyes! Like really!!!
Where in the world is your heart of compassion, what makes people think they can just go on people's page,post, Instagram whatever and just spew forth jargons! Making nasty, horrible, unmentionable comments under the cloak of anonymity!
A friend sent me the Tee Billz posts this morning but I didn't even take much notice, I just went about my normal business of the day till someone's comment on Twitter popped in my line of vision.
I wasn't a happy chappy, because as usual, it was distasteful and uncalled for.
Dear fellow Nigerians or should I say Dear people of the world, depression is real and this guy; Tee Bill just had a meltdown and a soulless being had the guts to say they should have let him jump. WOW! Again WOW! Some people are just filled with slime. You are not that anonymous and I tell you if you were to be traced, you will be found in seconds!
Can we just learn to show empathy as a nation? Regardless of what he did or did not do, he is first a human being. Thankful for people who went over to help rescue him, the likes of BankyW and one the Okoye twins. I pray you Tee Billz get the help you need and I pray that tides will turn for you in a positive way hence forth.
I feel so sorry for Tiwa Savage, because as usual tongues that know nada about the science of the Balogun household are wagging unnecessarily but I'm positive she's a strong woman and she will pull through for her family.
Regardless of what was said or wasn't said, can we just let this couple fix up without the nasty meddling of outsiders who have no clue?

Beyonce's Lemonade

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I hardly gush over artists, okay except "The Masked One" - my eyes he's all kinds of dope!
Anyways I digress, so I watched and listened to Beyonce's Lemonade and the "Beyhives" have every right to gush over this one.
Personally it took me through the journey of a woman who got her heart broken and her eventual healing and redemption. It is amazing how Beyonce remained stoic even in the face of all the allegations and cheating rumours... Reminds me of Victoria Beckham in a way...full on respect for both of them for standing by, forgiving and loving their men regardless.
The rumour mill went off the chain suggesting they are about to break up...*I laugh in french*... No devil can break this ones and you can take that to the bank.
I love how she turned her pain to "kerching"!!! Gosh that woman has got strategy...she's not the first to have had her heart broken...but she might as well be the first to document it so brilliantly.
Yep I love lemonade and it is a major reminder of the many times I ought to have made lemonade with lemons life dealt me... You can't wait for orange or even Apple forever... Make lemonade baby!

For those always rushing to air their dirty linens in public this is a lesson for you...
Heal and let people learn from your life, it isn't always about you errr... actually it is never about you!